miercuri, martie 24, 2010

Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection

    Am terminat de citit Gold.
    Citat favorit, de fapt sunt doua:
    Q. And what are your present projects, Isaac?
    A. Well, Doubleday has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I am condemned to write one novel after another for life, and that I am not permitted to consider dying.


    Ordinary people, who are not well educated and who lack a large working vocabulary, are limited in their ability to lend force to their statements. In their search for force, they must therefore make use of vulgarisms which serve, through their shock value, but which, through overuse, quickly lose whatever force they have, so that the purpose of the use is defeated.
    Writers, on the other hand, have (it is to be presumed) the full and magnificent vocabulary of the English language at their disposal. They can say anything they want with whatever intensity of invective they require in a thousand different ways without ever once deviating from full respectability of utterance. They have, therefore, no need to trespass upon the usages of the ignorant and forlorn, and to steal their tattered expressions as substitutes for the language of Shakespeare and Milton.

    Cea mai elaborata nuvela: Gold.
    Nuvela preferata: Hallucination si The Smile of the Chipper la egalitate. Hallucination este duioasa si diafana. The Smile of the Chipper este surprinzatoare si surprinzatoare :).

    Mi-a placut mult cum scrie Asimov cand nu scrie SF (imi placea oricum mult cum scrie Asimov cand scrie SF).
    A durat mai mult decat de obicei, parte din cauza ca e in engleza, parte din cauza ca a fost in format electronic.
    Pentru o vreme voi incerca sa ma limitez la carti pe hartie. As incerca un reader, dar ma mai gandesc daca merita.
LE: mai am Peopleware in format electronic, dar se va termina in curand

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