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Am mai pomenit de iMom. Iata un alt articol care mi-a retinut atentia: 3 Ways to Keep the Kids from Ruining Your Marriage
1. Boundaries. There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, you should be able to have some physical and time boundaries that your kids don’t cross except in the case of an emergency.[...]
2. Priorities. [...] Making little favors and tasks that your spouse needs as important as what the kids need says to everybody that Dad matters
3. Focus.[...] Maybe alternate your reading list, and for every parenting title you pick up, you also read a recommended marriage book.[...]

Un alt fel de nisip, la magazinele de jucarii il gasiti sub numele de Moon Sand

Un borcan pentru meditare, sau mai bine un borcan pentru linistit gandurile (cred ca voi face unul special pentru mine):

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