joi, noiembrie 20, 2014

The World According to Garp - John Irving

"If you hated it, why'd you read it, Jillsy?" John Wolf asked her.
"Same reason I read anythin' for," Jillsy said. "To find out what happens."
John Wolf stared at her.
"Most books you know nothin's gonna happen," Jillsy said. "Lawd, you know that. Other books," she said, "you know just what's gonna happen, so you don't have to read them, either. But this book," Jillsy said, "this book's so sick you know somethin's gonna happen, but you can't imagine what. You got to be sick yourself to imagine what happens in this book," Jillsy said.
"So you read it to find out?" John Wolf said.
"There surely ain't no other reason to read a book, is there?" Jillsy Sloper said. 

With his eyes, Garp tried to reassure her: don't worry - so what if there is no life after death? There is life after Garp, believe me. Even if there is only death after death (after death), be grateful for small favors - sometimes there is birth after sex, for example. And, if you are very fortunate, sometimes there is sex after birth! [..] And if you have life, said Garp's eyes, there is hope you'll have energy. And never forget, there is memory.

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